November 14th #RosterMania Recap

            Many of these roster moves were not exactly secrets, but simply required the right pieces to fall into place in order for them to happen. Well, not so much pieces, but one piece. The piece that today’s mayhem relied on was Evil Geniuses. Five of Call of Duty’s best professional players were tied up in contracts with no desire to play with one another anymore. The players have been trying to be released from their contracts for some time now. After a lot of negotiating OpTic Gaming purchased the contracts for three of the five EG players. Karma, Teepee, and Crimsix were all acquired by the OpTic organization today for an undisclosed sum. Evil Geniuses also released Aches and Dedo from their contracts as well and split all of the buyout money with their former players. This leaves EG with zero players, and they will not be fielding a new Call of Duty team at this time.

 With OpTic acquiring three players today it is no surprise that they made roster changes today as well. OpTic Nation released Ricky from the team leaving the captain Mboze, and Proofy on the team. Newly acquired players Karma, and Teepee joined the team to complete the roster. The final confirmed roster for OpTic Nation is Mboze, Karma, Proofy, and Teepee. Expect to see some higher numbers in kill related stats this year from Teepee. He will always do whatever is needed to win the game, but a role change would not be surprising with Mboze already filling the objective role. Teepee is also not new to playing a slaying oriented role in previous titles he was a slayer before transitioning to one of the best objective players in Call of Duty.

The OpTic Gaming roster was also completed today with the acquisition of Crimsix. It wasn’t much of a well kept secret, but Crimsix has officially joined OpTic Gaming with Nadeshot, Formal, and Scumpii. This team possesses a lot of slaying power. Scumpii, Formal, and Crimsix were all among the top four slayers during Call of Duty Ghosts. The slaying power of this team has led to them nicknaming themselves “team permanent kill cam” definitely a roster to watch out for.

The last two EG players Aches, and Dedo have already found themselves new homes as well. Aches has joined FaZe with Censor, and Apathy. FaZe is currently looking for one player to complete their roster heading into MLG Columbus. Dedo is once again joining FeaR, a team he was very briefly with during Ghosts. FeaR also picked up Neslo today, but in order to make these pickups they had to part ways with TuQuick and Legal. The current FeaR roster is Moho, Assassin, Dedo, and Neslo.

Curse released Mochilla today. It was later announced that Enable, Curse’s last player, is joining the roster of Spacely, Slacked, and Classic. The former MW team and Enable did not say what organization they would be representing, but stated that it will be announced tomorrow.

            After today’s roster moves Mochilla, Legal, Tuiquick, and Ricky are left looking for a team. With Columbus determining the last four spots in the league do not expect this to be the end of November #RosterMania.


Advanced Warfare eSports: Backs Against the Wall

With their first full installment of the Call of Duty franchise quickly approaching, Sledgehammer Games has given the eSports community high hopes. For example, fan favorite game modes such as Hardpoint and Capture the Flag are making a highly anticipated return, as well as a ranked playlist similar to Black Ops 2’s League Play. Advanced Warfare is the next big step for Call of Duty as a videogame, as well as an eSport.

Everyone is ready for a refreshing change in the Call of Duty series, including professional players. We’ve grown accustomed to a certain formula from game to game, and lately many have voiced that it is becoming very lackluster. The untimely support Infinity Ward has provided the community over the past two titles they’ve produced has caused an outrage from many of the pro players, as well as your typical public match player. In Modern Warfare 3, Infinity Ward didn’t have a functional LAN lobby until approximately six months into the game. Fast forward to Ghosts, instead of bringing back the fan favorite game mode and one of the most exciting game modes to watch, Hardpoint, they tried implementing a new game type, Search and Rescue, as a competitive game mode.

In Black Ops 2, the developers promised a wealth of features. Features that were key to eSports advocates. Many of them, including score streaks; rather than point streaks or kill streaks made their first appearance in Black Ops 2, a functioning theatre mode, dedicated game types, and round-based domination were all stripped from Ghosts for a significant time. It took Infinity Ward close to three months to implement a functioning eSports rule set built into private match settings. On top of that, the outcome of countless tournament matches worth thousands of dollars were altered due to the infamous bomb glitch. Each time we started to see the light at the end of the tunnel, it would slowly fade away with each patch update.

With all of these key features returning to Advanced Warfare, the question of day one developer support arises. Will Sledgehammer Games follow the lead of Treyarch and set a new precedent, or fall to the level of Infinity Ward? Not only in the eSports department, but for the Call of Duty community as a whole. Based off of what we witnessed in August at Gamescom 2014, Advanced Warfare aims to introduce a First Person Shooter experience reminiscent of arena shooters. This the turning point for Call of Duty and for some people, it’s make or break.


UMG: Years of Innovation & eSports Growth

UMG Gaming has been quite the eSport endorser over the past two and a half years. They’ve hosted several tournaments throughout games such as Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, Black Ops 2 and now Ghosts. Over the course of their involvement with Call of Duty eSports, their LAN events have more than doubled in attendance as well as prize pool. In their upcoming event, UMG Nashville, the prize pool has risen up to $25,000. Their involvement in eSports growth is helping the community grow faster and faster. They’ve introduced many new features, as well as bring back older features for future events such as pool play. To say the least, UMG is pushing for growth.

Originally a LAN tournament provider for Call of Duty eSports, UMG Gaming LLC, in 2014 launched their innovative online gaming website. They offered many of the same things that websites such as GameBattles or Pro Gaming League offered. However, UMG took their online ladders to a whole new level by introducing a new feature known as Wager Matches. This allows players to play online ladder matches with money on the line. This is the first online ladder of its kind. The wager match feature drew quite a lot of attention, not only from amatuer players, but pros as well. Many people used the wager match feature as a system to play Money 8s, that is until UMG released their Money 8s feature earlier this week. This allows players to make teams of up to 8 people, and either select their teams, or have the teams randomly chosen for them.

With the Money 8s feature on UMG Online, this gives players a chance to play with their friends, but for money rather than playing a wager match. Wager matches give the possibility of playing with people highly above your skill level, so you won’t do as good and you could lose your money, whereas the Money 8s teams give you a chance to play 2v2, 3v3, 4v4s against your friends who would more likely be at or around your skill level.

By implementing these monetary features, UMG is showing support for not only players demands, but their interests and what they’re playing for. Before UMGO (UMG Online) was released, players and teams would party up and try to go for 100-0 on GameBattles. Now, the average pros player’s demand for playing for money is increasing, which gave UMG the ability to provide that for them. UMG is helping the community for players who want to play for money, or just the leisure of competitive play. With Call of Duty on the rise, and even eSports in general, the next question is; will UMG increase their tournaments to other games, bigger prize pools and even more teams?

Day 6. Wednesday, July 23, 2014

CETV Rewind — Wednesday, July 16th

CoDeSportsTV Daily Rewind

A look at all the latest #CoDeSports News. Chat about it on twitter using #CETVRewind and follow us!

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014


League Matches


JusTus vs. Rise Nation | 7:00 PM | Jus 1 – 3 Rise

eLevate eSports vs. Team Kaliber | 7:00 PM | eLv 1 – 3 tK

Team Envyus vs. Evil Geniuses | 7:00 PM | nV 3 – 2 EG

Evil Geniuses vs. JusTus | 8:30 PM | EG 3 – 3 Jus

Rise Nation vs. eLevate eSports | 8:30 PM | Rise 3 – 2 eLv

Team Kaliber vs. Team Envyus | 8:30 PM | tK 3 – 2 nV

Team Results by Night Record

Team Wins Losses
Team Kaliber 2 0
Rise Nation 2 0
Evil Geniuses 1 1
Team Envyus 1 1
eLevate eSports 0 2
JusTus 0 2


News and Announcements

  • Flawless joins Radius
    • Replaces Muddawg
  • Former members of Infinity Ward (Ghosts dev’s included) create new studio: Reload Studios
    • Reload Studios hoping to make a Virtual Reality game by 2015
  • Attach, leading the online league in K/D, is not a warrior
    • His 1.28 K/D at the X-Games backs up his 1.42 Online.

Tweet of the day:


STAT of the day: (Follow @CETVStats for stat updates LIVE during matches)

1.28 SnD K/D at MLG Anaheim 2014

The World Champions, Evil Geniuses, held an impeccable 1.28 SnD K/D at MLG Anaheim this year. In addition to going 5-0 on the map, they won 2 out of every 3 defensive rounds. They drew First Blood 53.1% of the time, and they planted the bomb on 36% of their offensive rounds. Quite an impressive feat from the EG squad.

Find more stats here and tweet an interesting stat using #CETVStats for a chance to have it featured in a future Rewind!

Overall League Match Standings


League Match Schedule

Day 6. Wednesday, July 23, 2014

CETV Rewind — Tuesday, July 15th

CoDeSportsTV’s CETV Rewind: Day 1

A look at all the latest #CoDeSports News. Chat about it on twitter using #CETVRewind and follow us!

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014


League Matches 


OpTic Gaming vs. Team Kaliber | 7:00 PM | OG 3 – 2 tK 

eLevate eSports vs. Curse | 7:00 PM | eLv 1 – 3 Crs

Evil Geniuses vs. Denial ESports | 7:00 PM | EG 2 – 3 Denial

Curse vs. OpTic Gaming | 8:30 PM | OG 3 – 2 Crs

Team Kaliber vs. Evil Geniuses | 8:30 PM | EG 0 – 3 tK

Denial eSports vs. eLevate eSports | 8:30 PM | eLv 1 – 3 Denial

Team Results by Night Record

Team Wins Losses
OpTic Gaming 2 0
Denial eSports 2 0
Team Kaliber 1 1
Curse Gaming 1 1
eLevate eSports 0 2
Evil Geniuses 0 2


News and Announcements

Meta Update: With Bulldog banned, other shotguns still used, especially on Sovereign SnD.

TWEET of the day:



STAT of the day: (Follow @CETVStats for stat updates LIVE during matches)

OpTic Scumpi – 1.31 Anaheim K/D

OpTic Gaming’s main slayer, Scumpi, continues to go on a tear at LAN events. At Anaheim, he led all players with a 1.31 overall K/D. He posted a 1.30 K/D in SnD as well, showing that his success wasn’t limited to the fast-paced respawn game-modes.

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 Overall League Match Standings

Day 1 Standings







League Match Schedule

Thanks for checking out the FIRST CETV Rewind! More coming tomorrow at the same time. Be sure to check out the stats site, where we got a lot of the info, and follow their twitter. 

Day 6. Wednesday, July 23, 2014

CETV Rewind — The ONLY CoDeSports Daily Recap!

CoDeSportsTV is always looking to be innovative and on the cutting edge of all things CoDeSports. We put out a survey a few weeks ago, and the number 1 requested thing was: a Daily Recap of League Matches, MLG announcements, and all things CoDeSports. No task is too small, and CoDeSportsTV values fan input greatly, so we’ve decided to create a one-stop shop for CoDeSports news. In just 3-5 minutes a day, you can find each league match map count AND SCOREBOARD (with each players’ kills, deaths, and more), interesting stat breakdowns, and Up-To-Date Season 3 Standings (thanks to the hard workers at CETVStats).

Introducing: The CETV Rewind

But we’re not stopping there. CoDeSportsTV’s “CETV Rewind” will also include news from pros, MLG, Gfinity and UMG, and others in the community (casters announced for an event? Pro points updated? Players getting into twitter drama or speaking out about the future of CoDeSports?) as well as announcements from Teams and organizations (think sponsorships or giveaway announcements). There are also other features that you’ll be able to see once the CETV Rewind is published: at the beginning of MLG’s CoD League Season 3, in just a few days! We’ll publish the CETV Rewind after each day of League Matches in the initial phase, but we may expand to a special Monday (after the 2k Tournament) edition or even Event recaps. You can always find them at, but we will also tweet out when each CETV Rewind goes public!

Not only will we be recapping yesterday’s action and news, we’ll include the upcoming league match schedule for the night along with any expected announcements or things to look out for. The CETV Rewind will both catch you up on yesterday’s events as well as show you what to look out for later in the day.

We’ll also be starting a Stat of the Day series, presented by CETVStats. Each day, we’ll highlight an interesting team or player stat from any event. Feel free to tweet @CETVStats with an interesting stat you think should be featured, and maybe we’ll use yours (and give you credit)! These Stats of the Day will be found on the CETV Rewind as well as on twitter, so be on the lookout for them.

Finally, as we’ve mentioned, CoDeSportsTV always values your input. Have anything you’d like to see in the CETV Rewind that we haven’t already mentioned? Tweet us @CoDeSportsTV and use the hashtag #CETVRewind, and we’ll see if we can add your ideas! Alternatively, if you hear of a big announcement, tag us in a tweet with a link, and CoDeSportsTV will be sure to add it to our next CETVRewind.

Thanks for your continued feedback; it helps us to improve! EU fans especially will enjoy the CETV Rewind, as we hear you when you say it’s a bit tough to stay up to 4 AM to catch those last League Matches…

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MLG Season 3 Draft Picks Round-Up and Summary

Tonight showed us the draft picks for the substitutes for all of the 12 teams involved in Season 3 and for those of you who didn’t manage to catch the stream, we have all of the picks neatly presented for you right here!

JusTus (Blfire, TwiZz, Doubt, Sin) – JusTus had four fairly average picks with Moti, Thing2, Bumzo and ASSASS1N; Bumzo is a name rarely seen before so it’ll be interesting to see what he can bring to the table if anything, while ASSASS1N obviously has the experience from being a Halo legend. Thing2 also has previous CoD top flight experience from finishing 5th at Columbus under Fuse at the start of Ghosts.

Elevate (Gucci, MadCat, Nifty, Chino) – Elevate started out here with a slight disadvantage due to MadCat already being on the team from the UK so it’ll be expected they’ll need to find at least one very reliable sub they can use often. They did manage to have a fairly strong draft session however, with the only unknown entity being Jump. The other 3 picks they made were Slasher, Pluto and Miyagi, three players fairly well known to CoD eSports enthusiasts, so they should have no problem there regarding suitable players to fill in for all three gamemodes.

Rise (Pacman, Whea7s, Loony, Attach) – Rise started off this draft with a conditional pick for their 4th player of Attach, which was widely speculated beforehand and didn’t come as a surprise to anybody. Their remaining 4 picks came in the form of TJHaly, the increasingly well known Search and Destroy star, Kozmo and Accuracy of the previous eX roster and Schillez, another fairly unknown entity. Again, similar to eLevate, Rise have managed to grab a solid 4 substitutes who should be able to perform should the need arise.

OpTic Nation (Killa, MboZe, Ricky, Mirx) – OpTic Nation commenced with a very strong but also unsurprising pick in the form of ex-Denial player Phizzurp, who nearly all fans of CoD eSports will have heard for for either good reasons or bad. It’s also well known that Killa and Phizzurp are good friends, so the chemistry is already there which can only be a good thing. ON also picked Trojan, a neat up and coming player with a lot of potential, Rizma, a Call of Duty veteran who’s been around since the CoD4 days but dropped off the scene recently, then finally Recks, a GB SnD allstar. All in all a well versed set of substitutes.

Denial (Saints, Zooma, Study, Replays) – Denial arguably has the weakest draft picks of the lot, purely based on the fact every player they’ve picked up specialises in Search and Destroy. Decemate, Felony, JRich and Osmoked are all fairly unknown and from the people that have heard of them, it’s mainly from GB Search and Destroy tournaments. You’d have thought Denial may have gone for more variety in their picks, but maybe they know something we don’t, who knows?

Radius (Classic, Saintt, Slacked, Huhdle) – Radius had 6 picks to make during this draft due to entering with just a 2 man roster of Classic and Saintt; their first conditional pick was Slacked, for the 3rd spot on their roster and their 4th member is Huhdle. Both players with a lot of experience around and about the top tier of CoD players, but just haven’t been able to make their break into the top 8 yet. Their other 4 substitute picks were SpaceLy and Flawless, again, two players looking to have their big break, NexXx, currently more famous for his entertainment value and streaming 1v1 Search and Destroys, and very finally a more unique and stronger skillwise pick in the form of King Jurd from the UK. Obviously Jurd has the talent and the knowledge to compete, but whether he’ll be used often due to the connection disadvantage he’ll face is yet to be seen.

Team Kaliber (Sharp, Neslo, Theory, Goonjar) – tK have always been a squad which have suffered a fair bit online but always excelled when it came to LAN play, so for the best advantage it’d make sense for them to choose known ‘connection’ players for the best advantage. Whether they’ve done that or not is for you to decide, however they definitely have a strong first two picks in the form of Muddawg and Sender. Muddawg is a player with a ton of experience and knowledge, as he used to coach EnVyUs then has also played for Xfinity and more recently Curse.Orange. Sender is a strong up and coming prospect, currently playing for vQ and over the past year or so has always been a player on the fringe of entering the top 8. Their other 2 picks, Jamezz, most recently of XGN fame when he and his teammates managed to knock ex-coL now EG down to the losers bracket at UMG Niagara and Fearless of ex-nV fame and is now currently working in management for them. Definitely not a bad lineup of subs to potentially use.

FaZe (Censor, Apathy, Parasite, Dedo) – FaZe’s first two draft picks are slightly more well known than their third and fourth; Diabolic and Realize are both fairly well known players over the past year or so, playing for teams like vQ and Curse.Youth respectively. Their other two picks were KenGoat and Crayons, two very unknown players but are apparently strong SnD players known more within the GB tournament community.

EnVyUs (Nameless, Merk, Jkap, Formal) – Methodz was nV’s first pick, a very strong player recently of Curse.Youth fame and is good buddies with Nameless which means the chemistry is there if Methodz is needed. NV’s other strong pick was Snip3down, the Halo legend and is currently known on CoD for his absolutely lethal accuracy with the AR. Their other two picks were ColeChan and PRPLXD, both players who currently play together under the STNNR team with PRPLXD also experiencing a little more fame as he was the captain of the Denial squad involved in Season 2.

Curse (Tipsy, Enable, Mochila, Burnsoff) – Curse started their draft selection with a fairly unknown player named ZyBackxx, again, a supposed SnD star. They followed that up with ex-Curse.Orange player Crowster, who has also announced he’ll be returning to the Curse crib to coach the current Curse roster for the upcoming season. Definitely a smart move to draft him as I imagine he’ll be their first choice over ZyBackxx. Their next pick came in the form of new player KennyKrayola who I unfortunately don’t know much about at all, but their 4th pick was UK CoD veteran Tommey, currently playing under Epsilon eSports. Similar to Radius and their pick with Jurd, whether Tommey will actually play a part or not due to the obvious connection and timezone disadvantages is yet to be seen however like Jurd, Tommey can justify his position has their 4th sub with his skill and knowledge of the game.

OpTic Gaming (Nadeshot, Scumpii, Clayster, Proofy) – OpTic commenced their draft picks with fairly unknown player Fero, another prospective up and coming player looking to make their break in the CoD scene. Their second pick was pretty expected and one of the most logical picks in the entire draft in the form of ex-OpTic player and still OpTic member, BigTymer. BigT still lives in the OpTic house and competed at Call of Duty for years so even though he hasn’t played CoD in a while, he still has that veteran knowledge and also the obvious connection advantage of living in the OpTic house (why didn’t they draft Flamesword?!). Their third pick is fairly controversial however as they picked ex-OpTic and more recently ex-nV member Rambo, however the controversy stands because Rambo has tweeted out that he made himself ineligible for the draft; whether that’ll stand we should find out in the near future but currently, Rambo is OpTic’s 3rd draft pick and substitute. Their final pick was Bloodz, another player similar to the likes of Diabolic, Sender, Kozmo etc. where he isn’t completely unknown however to the more casual fan they won’t have heard of him and he’s looking to build his way up and looking for his big break. Bloodz is probably their safest bet to use as a sub as he’s well versed through all 3 gamemodes, still plays the game and is hungry for victory.

Evil Geniuses (Aches, Crimsix, Karma, TeePee) – Unfortunately this time around, EG decided to pick their draft picks seriously when compared to last time. They started off by picking Fears, a player who has been around and about the top tier for the past couple of years and has been on rosters with some very top players, most recently Strictly Business. Their second and third picks were Faccento and Temperr, two fairly unknown players but similar to a lot of the guys in this draft, players looking to just get their big break on the scene. Their 4th pick was Phaze, a player with a fair bit of experience, placing 5th at MLG Columbus alongside Thing2, Sin and Historify at the beginning of Ghosts. Nobody too outrageous picked by EG here, but nobody too well known or risky either.

Overall a fairly successful draft; in my opinion Denial came out the weakest whereas EnVyUs came out strongest, but whether I’m correct in my belief is a story for another day. Some surprising exclusions from this draft in my opinion were Wolf, TuQuick and Moho. If you can think of anyone else that should have been added, just post it in the comments or feel free to tweet us @CODeSportsTV!

And don’t forget to tune in for the start of the Season 3 on on Monday the 14th of July!


MLG CoD League Season Records Broken During Season 2

With the third season of the MLG CoD League just around the corner it seems appropriate to talk about the statistical records that were broken during season two of the league. Out of all the data collected by our staff members seven overall records were formed. Out of these seven season records only two were broken during the second season of the league.

The first overall record broken was domination captures per game. The season one record holder, Chino, lost his title to Doubt from team JusTus who raised the bar by averaging .70 more caps per game throughout the season than Chino did during season one. Doubt’s record has been set at 5.92 captures per game. The final overall record broken during season two of the MLG CoD League was broken by Crimsix who broke the “Slayer” record.  This record is the average number of kills a player gets per game in the respawn gametypes (blitz and domination) and the previous record holder Formal lost his title by only .40 kills per game. Crimsix has set the bar for season three at 26.66 kills per game.

While the overall records are more notable there were also three of the eighteen map specific records broken during season two. On Octane domination we now have Censor’s 5.37 captures per game beating out Chino’s season one record by .77, the largest increase out of all the broken records. Crimsix now has the highest Octane Blitz kill death ratio with a 1.70 taking the title from Jkap by .07. The final title that now has a new owner is the highest Search and Destroy kill death ration on the map Freight. That title now belongs to TwiZz with a 1.49 KD beating Mochilla’s previous record by .03.

Overall Season Records:

  • Overall KD Ratio: Jkap 1.22 (Season 1)
  • Domination KD: Crimsix 1.22 (Season 1)
  • Blitz KD: Clayster 1.32 (Season 1)
  • SnD KD: Study 1.33 (Season 1)
  • *Slayer: Crimsix 26.66 (Season 2) [Previous Formal 26.26 Season 1]
  • Blitz Caps Per: Burnsoff 4.54 (Season 1)
  • *Domination Caps Per: Doubt 5.92 (Season 2) [Previous Chino 5.22 Season 1]

Season Records Per Map:


  • Dom KD: Jkap 1.30 KD (Season 1)
  • Dom Caps:  Censor 7.70 (Season 1)
  • SnD KD: Merk 1.61 (Season 1)


  • Dom KD: Crimsix 1.54 (Season 1)
  • *Dom Caps: Censor 5.37 [Previous Chino 4.60 Season 1]
  • *Blitz KD: Crimsix 1.70 [Previous Jkap 1.63 Season 1]
  • Blitz Caps: Apathy 6.56 (Season 1)
  • SnD KD: Rambo 1.53 (Season 1)


  • Dom KD: Parasite 1.31 (Season 1)
  • Dom Caps Per: Theory 7.11 (Season 1)


  • Dom KD: Attach 1.48 (Season 1)
  • Dom Caps Per: Chino 5.33 (Season 1)
  • Blitz KD: Tie Clayster and Nameless 1.24 (Season 1)
  • Blitz Caps Per: Aches 5.25 (Season 1)
  • *SnD KD: Twizz 1.49 (Season 2) [Previous Mochilla 1.46 Season 1]


  • Blitz KD: Aches 1.43 (Season 1)
  • Blitz Caps Per: Teepee 5.57 (Season 1)
  • SnD KD: Proofy 1.60 (Season 1)


MLG Online Season Three Predictions

The MLG Season Three Online League kicks off Monday, July 14 where 12 competitive Call of Duty teams will compete for just 8 playoff positions. Three new franchises enter the third season of MLG league with the hopes of claiming one of those coveted playoff positions but will face stiff competition from the remaining nine, eight of whom ended the previous season in playoff positions.

CETV staff took a look at the competing teams and made predictions on which squads will find themselves in the playoffs by seasons end.

#8 – Team Kaliber (Sharp, Goonjar, Theory, Neslo)

Team Kaliber finished 8th overall last season and that’s where we see them finishing once again. While tK had a very strong performance on LAN at the X Games taking home a silver medal, they’ve struggled to perform online. To make matters worse for tK, Apathy who had provided substantial slaying power for the team, parted ways with the silver medal squad after Anaheim. A sub .500 record in Season Two may not cut it again for the tK organization but with the likes of Sharp, Neslo, and Theory providing veteran leadership and the slaying power of Goonjar, this tK squad, who experienced major success previously together, has the capability of finishing in the top 8, even if they just sneak in again.

#7 – OpTic Nation (Mboze, Killa, Mirx, Ricky)

Optic’s second team, known as Nation, had a long road through open bracket play at MLG Anaheim but were able to persevere and take home the title of Open Bracket Winners. The victory awarded them a spot in MLG Season Three. Nation, who formed late were unable to participate in Season two of league, but as their Anaheim success suggests they are ready to take Season three by storm. However, recent player voting has banned certain weapons and strategies that were heavily utilized Killa and Nation which has left Killa espeically frustrated. He thrived in SnD by applying his creativity with these now banned tools. Despite the recent news, we at CETV believe this four man roster is just too good to not finish as a top 8 team.

#6 – Denial (Zoomaa, Study, Saints, Replays)

The team that made the most significant changes was Denial. Keeping only Zoomaa, but with good reason as he’s emerged as a top slayer at Anaheim posting an overall K/D of 1.21. It’s hard to make predictions on a team that have yet to play an extensive amount together and seem, at this point, to be parts thrown together. If Replays can provide his vocal role as we’ve heard at past events and play the OBJ role his teammates should have no issue picking up the slaying portion. We will say this at CETV, if Denial’s four players can develop together they certainly will make the playoffs and are our dark horse to make considerable noise in the top four.

#5 – Curse (Tipsy, Mochila, Burnsoff, Enable)

With the disbanding of Curse Orange, the Curse organization is left represented only by the Curse Black squad who, like tK, are coming off a strong LAN event (placing top 4 at MLG Anaheim). Questions have arisen about team chemistry since the reveal that Burnsoff and Mochila have had issues. However considering that Burns was not in fact dropped suggests that this Curse squad recognizes their potential and understand that they can begin to establish themselves as a serious top four threat. If team issues are resolved and the players are focused within the team house, opposition should not take this team lightly, which may have been the case in Season two and at Anaheim.

#4 – EnvyUs (Merk, Nameless, Jkap, Formal)

nV is another team who finished top four in Season two, but made significant changes to their roster by parting ways with Study and Parasite and welcoming Formal to the boys in blue and bringing Jkap back to the team. A team that seemed to have immense amounts of chemistry during and post CoD Champs seemingly fell apart once Parasite replaced Rambo. The positives for this squad are that they will most certainly enjoy the slaying power from the likes of Nameless, Formal and especially Jkap who finished Season two of League with a top 5 K/D of 1.12. Along with Merk’s leadership, nV should be well suited for another top four finish. The negative is that Jkap has been on a two week cruise and as a result nV hasn’t been able to develop chemistry with their new squad prior to the beginning of Season three. We may see a slower start from them, but with the professionalism this organization has it shouldn’t be long before they’re back on top.

#3 – FaZe (Censor, Dedo, Apathy, Parasite)

As with Curse Orange, FaZe Red was disbanded and it now falls on the former FaZe Black team to demonstrate why FaZe is such a dominate organization in the CoD community. FaZe finished with a respectable fourth place in Season two of league, but have turned over 50% of their roster with the additions of Apathy who returns to his former sB teammates and Parasite. The make up of the roster changes little when it comes to stats as both Apathy and Parasite have the capability to replace the slaying done by Saints and Formal. However, the question surrounding this team is how well Parasite will mesh with his new squad. Early results indicate that this won’t be an issue as FaZe took home the win in the last 2K (July 5th). If team chemistry remains intact this FaZe team could challenge for a top spot.

#2 – OpTic Gaming (Nadeshot, Scumpii, Clayster, Proofy)

The addition of Proofy to OpTic Gaming has sparked a rejuvenation within the organization. Let’s not forget that OpTic went from a non-playoff team in S1 of League to a strong second place finish in Season two. Along the way they’ve placed third at Champs, won an X Games Gold Medal and placed second at MLG Anaheim. What was formally tK’s position as coL/EG’s primary rival now seems to belong to OpTic Gaming. OpTic should be able to carry their momentum into Season Three and continue to perform at the level they have been over these past few months.

#1 – Evil Geniuses (Aches, Teep, Crimsix, Karma)

Were you surprised? Yes, we’re playing it safe. The obvious choice for the number one spot goes to the team that won the Season two League as well as the playoffs at MLG Anaheim. It’s nearly impossible to critique the EG squad as they’ve performed well and above most of their competition for what seems like forever now. While FaZe, nV, and OpTic Gaming have the personnel to dethrone EG as the top team in league it remains unlikely.

Season Three is just around the corner so let us know where you think we went wrong (or right). Where do you expect your favorite team will finish? Who’s your dark horse squad? (insert appropriate twitter)

We’ll make one more prediction. This looks to be the most competitive season of the MLG league since its incarnation and we couldn’t be more excited. Make sure to check back to CETV daily for content recapping the previous nights league matches and be the first to get the Intel on your favorite team and their competition.


Chris ‘Blevdog’ Blevins announces his new team Radius Gaming

Chris ‘Blevdog’ Blevins, ex-Curse.COD manager has tonight announced the name of his new organisation, Radius Gaming. Chris announced that he’d be creating another brand new organisation over a month ago now, however details regarding more information have been scarce to say the least, as the current squad has been announced so far as just Classic, ex-FaZe.Red captain and Saintt/Baroska, of ex Rise, VeXx and Curse.Orange fame.

Radius Gaming have 6 draft picks to make in tomorrows roster announcements and we’re looking forward to seeing who they manage to pick up to fill the 2 remaining spots on the core 4. It has also been confirmed Radius are looking to expand into other eSports titles and Call of Duty is just their starting point as it’s where they have the most expertise. We here at CODeSportsTV wish Blevdog, Classic and Saintt the best of luck with the new season, and make sure you follow Radius Gaming on Twitter at @RadiusCOD.